Indeed, Duterte’s election and the Filipinos’ choice for a ‘strongman’ like him represent a return to our Asian roots and a desire for clarity and certainty.

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It’s not simply the circumstance the character is thrust into and how relatable it is that makes this scene from the anime ‘Nichijou’ funny and interesting to me. (I, myself, dreaded coffee shops back in high school.)

What makes this scene fascinating to watch is the way it epitomizes…

Filipinos should utilize rationality and logic, not sentimalism and romanticism in approaching the dispute.

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The Whitsun Reef is a disputed territory. Technically, we do not own it. China could send vessels there because she can. A bitter pill to swallow but we must.

In an anarchic international system, the claimant with the superior hard and soft power wins.

Given these realities, how should the…

There are two staples in the life of every Filipino: rice and typhoons.

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I have been reading posts from foreigners living in the Philippines sharing their ‘first time’ experiences with a typhoon. That’s cute. Don’t worry, it won’t be your last. As a matter of fact, after Quinta, a new one is set to hit us, so brace yourselves.

There are two staples…

It’s imminent.

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If there is a common, unifying theme throughout the history of these islands, it is that of resistance and struggles against an overarching authority which seeks to dominate and force control over the affairs of their smaller regional and ethnic polities, either through warfare or rebellion.

Among the historical anecdotes…

You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on.

I am of the persuasion that there is no such thing as conservatism. I mean this based on the simplest sense of the word, which is the commitment to the “conservation” of traditional values.

Unlike many intellectuals, I do believe, at least for now, that the totality of human history*…

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