Don’t ask me what my pronouns are

Or you’ll offend me.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I get more offended each time someone asks me what my pronouns are because:

1. they are assuming that there is a slight chance that my outward masculine expression is a disguise and that I do not have the agency nor the audacity to express my preferred gender identity; and

2. they are infantilizing me by protecting my feelings and by not allowing me to correct them should they make a mistake.

Ultimately, all the fuss about political correctness is self-serving. Such politeness isn’t an act of benevolence, but a way to either assert one’s social standing or sanctimony. They do it to feel good about themselves.


Note that the pronoun thing applies exclusively to when we are having a conversation in English. Filipino languages do not have this problem because they have universal pronouns for everyone, notwithstanding their gender. Our language do not segregate individuals according to one’s sex organ.